New Branding

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Branding is something that is very important to get right. It needs to be appropriate for your business/event. It needs to be memorable, distinct and recognisable. So changing, or updating, branding you have had for a while is a risk. You have to have a good reason to change things.

So you may be asking why are we changing ours.

Our current logo and branding elements can be traced back almost 8 years. Long before Unclad Design was an actual business, and while I was finding my feet after university. It has grown arms and legs since that time. Now that Unclad Design is my main focus, I thought it would be a good idea to freshen up our branding and create a more coherent image across the board. Our brand is not just how our clients recognise us, but it is an example of what we can do for our clients.

I hope that you like the changes we have made and would love to hear what you think. You can send us a message via our contact us page, or visit us on facebook.

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