Dundee’s Design Renaissance

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You may be asking “Dundee, where’s that?”, but if you are plugged into the design world, especially in the UK, you will have heard at least something about what is happening in Dundee.

Dundee is a small city on the east coast of Scotland, which in its hay day was known for the three J’s - Jute, Jam and Journalism. While the days of these industries may have passed, it is still giving the world quality children’s (and nostalgic adults) books and magazines, such as The Beano and The Dandy.

In recent years though Dundee has been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. With the regeneration of the city’s waterfront, and at its centre the construction of the new V&A design museum, there has been an excitement running through the city’s creative communities. New initiatives and groups have been popping up around the city; hosting events and eliciting community involvement.

One of the most exciting accolades Dundee has received is to be made the UKs first UNESCO ‘City of Design’, in recognition of it contributions in biomedical research, comics, computer games to name but a few.

As a Dundonian and a designer, it is amazing to see so many people so excited about what is going on in the city and to see a new generation of young people are being enthused about being creative. It would be great to see more and more companies and organisations making Dundee their home, and for the talent we have here being utilised to make Dundee a hotbed for innovation and design.

The seeds have been planted. Let’s hope they flourish.

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